Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paper Bag Scrapbook Using My New Bind-it-all

I got a Bind-it-all for Christmas well to be honest I got it early but just got to complete a project with it!! A couple of weeks ago my husband stop into our local scrapbook store while on his break and purchase the bind-it-all for me. He had Winnie the owner call me to come and pick it up, he never can wait for Christmas or birthdays. I love it!! It is really fun to use and I love all the different colors of spirals. I really like all the ribbon I can tie on the spirals. I'm going to try to put bells on the spirals when I make a Christmas book. My sister sells for Angel Company and she got her new catalog in the mail Monday and they are going to sell it. So if you do not have anyone local who sells them find an Angel rep. I made this book for my friend Amiee who has a dog and a cat. I mix it up so she could display pictures of both. I used some of the same ideas for the dog book I sold but changed the paper. It is very hard to find cat stuff. I finally found something I liked on Friday and worked on this between all the family stuff the last few days. Hope everyone has a good night!! Thanks for looking!!


Darthy said...

I just love this project. Can you tell us where you got the stickers and sayings. I'd love to make one of these for myself.

Nancy Grant said...

LOVE IT!!! You did an awesome job! My sister needs one of these too. The book. She rescues abused and abandoned animals. She has fostered so many that are forever in her heart.