Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dog Paper Bag Scrapbook

A co-worker that my hubby works with ordered a paper bag scrapbook for her friend for Christmas. I had a hard time finding dog stuff that was not kiddie. I finally found some large brads that where adorable and used them for my basic colors. The charms are from around the block and I picked up the last set at my local acmoore and I do not think they will be getting any more in. I have just enough left to do a cat/dog book for my friend as a last minute gift for Christmas. I love the giant brads and the colors are great cause they went great with all kinds of colors in the earth elements group. I did not stamp at all in this book (sigh!) because I have not purchased any dog stamps . I had a lot of fun making it and really hope she likes it. Thanks for looking!! Have a wonderful day!!

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Anonymous said...

So very cute. Do you have instructions on how to make this?
SU Demo.