Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Do I Look?

Today was the last day of school!! We are now on Christmas Break!!! I work at Russell Primary School as a cook. Today was PJ Day. I went out last night and got some new jammies cause mine where all wore out. It took me for ever to find hair things to match and I ended up with one red and one pink cause that was all I could find. I love to be silly and took this chance to have fun. All the kids and teachers wore PJ and me and one other cook wore ours. Of course I did not wear the slippers while cooking. I only put them on when I was at the computers/cash register. My hubby took the picture before I rushed out the door. I hate pictures of myself but have decided that my kids need the pictures to look back at someday. And what better way to remember me then how silly and fun I could be. Anyways it was a fun way to go out for break and let me tell you I am ready for a break. I plan to scrap, scrap, scrap and maybe clean house and of course spend time with family.

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Anonymous said...

I love your PJ look!