Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Class Space

Here is another reason I have not gotten to stamp much in the last two weeks. I have a storage room behind my scrapbook room that I clean up recently. So we have been fixing it up for me to have a place for my classes and also have friends over to crop.
Last weekend I get an e-mail that on of my favorite scrapbook stores is closing. They were selling their fixtures so my hubby rushed me into the car to go and check it out. I got these wonderful baskets for $4 and they hold tons of ribbon about 28 regular spools. I purchased five that they had empty and when I saw how great they worked I went and got five more that they will give me when they are empty. I also got three paper racks!! I have one now and can get the other two when they sale the paper in them. I picked up the pegs for the sticker sheets at Wal-mart. Oh and I also got two open front baskets for $3 to hold prima flowers and buttons in bags. We got the peg board at Lowes and we got it all put up last Sunday afternoon. All together the peg board storage we put together cost around $60. This will hold all the ribbon and stickers I could ever get. A year and a half ago I got two Craft Lockers and paid $40 each for them and filled them up as soon as I got home. Anything I had left or purchased since has been in tubs. So I am thrilled to finally have some place to put all my ribbon out so I can see what I have. I will now use the Craft Lockers for my SU ribbon so it is right beside my work area when I am getting ready for classes and stamp camps.
We hung some bright curtains to hind the storage I had left. My uncle and aunt gave us the table two weeks ago when they moved into their new home. The ladies that came to my last class like the soft chairs. When I have bigger classes or stamp camps I will put out a large folded table and folding chairs. We plan to paint this summer so the walls are not grey and dull. The shelves use to be used for toys but in the clean-up I got rid of a lot of toys so I now use it for stamp sets and stuff. I really love this space and I am so thankful for my husband!! He loves to help me fix up my stuff and does not mind shopping with me sometimes.

Thanks for Visiting!! Have a great Weekend!!!

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Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful!!!! I love your class space!!! I wanna take a class!