Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Awards!!!

LORI at By LoRi Designs gave me two blog awards!! Thanks so much Lori that was so sweet and thoughtful of you!! I just love her blog it is stacked full of creativity and sweetness. Oh and the pictures of her family are adorable.

With the Kreative Blogger Award I am to list six things I am thankful for. We are so blessed in so many ways.

1. My Faith and Church Family
2. My Wonderful Supportive and Loving Husband
3. My Beautiful Daughters
4. My Family and Friends
5. Our Country
6. Our Health and Jobs

I am also to pass this on to ten bloggers which is so very hard to pick because there are so many wonderful blogger friends to pick from. My sister Kim would be on this list if she would ever get her own blog!! I better behave or she’ll tell mom on me!! LOL ;) I love ya sis!!!!

1. Melissa Sauls
2. scrappinmominky
3. Mercy
4. kssdesigns
5. Darleia
6. Dale Livingston
7. Collette
8. Kelli
9. Reluctant Yankee
10. Nikki Bond

So go on and check out these great blogs and for more great blogs got to my blog list on the sidebar. Thanks again Lori!! Thanks so much for visiting and have a great weekend!!

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