Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crazy Evening

Last night my daughter, Autumn called me from a friends home crying. I thought that the girls where fussing, you know how 13 year olds can be. I left the house to go get her and she called be again on the way to ask if I was almost there. I asked what was wrong and she said “my ear is hurting so bad“. She came out to the car crying which is "off" because she is pretty tuff when it come to being sick or hurt. I knew right away that I was calling the doctor this morning to get her an appt. We did not get two blocks from the house that she started saying that her ear had water coming out of it. We where on a side road so I stopped in the middle of the road to look and her ear was pouring blood!! I called my husband at home and told him to get dressed cause we where going to the ER. When we got to the ER a nurse saw her right away and said that her ear had ruptured. They were very busy but got us back in pretty good time. They gave her a shot of antibiotics, oral pain meds and oral antibiotics for home and told us to call a ear nose and throat Doctor Monday. On Monday we will see if it is a rupture that will heal itself or my have to be operated on. Today she is doing much better. What is bothering her most is noise. She can not get any water or anything in the ear so we are getting ear plugs for her. Her daddy is going to clean her hair for her in the sink when she needs if cleaned. Let me tell you that was the scariest thing ever!!! All that blood freaked me out but I stayed calm so she would not get frightened. Hopefully we will find out Monday that it will heal on its own. Hope everyone has a less scary weekend then us!! I’ll post what the doctor say Monday evening. Also I wanted to let everyone know that I have upped the security on my site because I have been getting Comments that are BAD!! As soon as it get cleared up I will set it back to regular. Have a good weekend!! Bye!!


kssdesigns said...

YIKES Kelli! I hope things get better for both of you!! Kids are pretty resilient, but that's just a bit much for anyone to handle. Good luck the the Doc's on Monday and I look forward to seeing more of your great creations with things calm down.

Fe-Fe said...

Gosh you poor things, that must have been so scarey. Hope your daughter is on the mend now and her ear gets back to normal soon.


Deb said...

Wow, that must have been so scary!! I hope she is okay and it will heal. Best wishes!!

Nancy Grant said...

Oh yikes! What an evening to remember. My son's ear drum ruptured spontaneously and thankfully it healed up pretty quickly. I hope she feels better and recovers quickly.

Nancy Grant