Friday, June 19, 2009

Wow life is crazy!!!

Just when I thought life was going to calm down a bit for me it goes a little nuts. We went on our family vacation and had a blast!! I love being with my family. There were twelve of use total between two condos. On the last day before we were heading home we found out our basement flooded because a drain pipe backed up. It back up because we got three inches of rain in a couple of hours. A lot of people who have never had problems with water getting in their homes had water get in. So we have spent this week since getting back cleaning out. The worse damage was in our storage room where the floor drain is. We tossed a lot of stuff that was in cardboard boxes and reorganized. My husband said yesterday when we finishing up on the storage room that maybe it was a good thing this happened cause we got rid of a lot of stuff and the storage room looks really good. I think his black eye will fade in a week or two. ;) Now we just have to wait for the musty smell to go away. We have hurried along the process with two air purifiers. I am posting some projects I completed before we left for the beach. I do not have any supplies to post cause I have forgotten most of what I used so this time I’m just posting the picture and if I figure out what I used I’ll post it later. The card was for my sister’s birthday and I dry embossed using a brass stencil and a light box. The page that has picture on it is of my hubby and his sisters. That page was for my Mother-in-law scrapbook I have made her. Actually all of the scrap pages in this post are for her book. Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Thanks for visiting!!

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Valerie Durham said...

Oh, my goodness! How not fun is water in the basement? Glad you all are okay. Your pages are great!